The BPN Council of Network Technology Partners.

Buytasker™ Supply Chain Network Software installed on your Network's website connects Members and Customers using one platform for Logistics RFQs, Networking and International Payments.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller

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5 Star Logistics Network

ALFA Logistics Family Network

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Asociación Panameña de Agencias de Carga

BPN Cloud


Instant Benefits for you
and your Network Members.

The fundamental difference between an excellent and average network is the ability to provide it's members with key technology to stay up to date and relevant.

BPN Network Technology Partners, are well equipped with Buytasker™ accessed directly from your network website, branded with your logo with perpetual software updates, adapting and continuously evolving.

Network Pay™


International Payments in a fee free economy.

Networks, Members and Customers can all benefit from low cost instant International Payments, supporting over 25 Virtual Currency Accounts and pay to over 140 Currencies.

Network Pay™ has no fees to transact between Members and currencies.

A truly Fee Free Economy.

Logistics RFQ and Network Cloud


Digital Forwarder hosted by your Network.

Buytasker™ instantly transforms your Network offering Digital Freight Forwarder capabilities for your Members.

Logistics RFQ connects Members with powerful Networking capability, Project Quotation and Logistics Management. Members receive RFQs from other Network Members plus new business from other BPN sources connected to Buytasker™.

Network Cloud offers incoming business opportunities to your Network Members whilst also providing a Networking platform with a built in Members Directory and Partner Organiser.

Private or Public RFQ Broadcast


Logistics RFQ Network Broadcast.

Network Owners can decide how they would like their Members to Broadcast their Logistics RFQs, options to allow their Members to broadcast to the entire BPN or limit Broadcasting to internal fellow Network Members.

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